Ping Client

Ping client is a web-based customer engagement software that combines the speed of bulk SMS, and voicebroadcast with the flexibility of custom created messages.

Send customized SMS/Make customized calls in 3 simple steps

Login to and upload your Microsoft Excel file or CSV file

Create a template based on your file

Send customized SMS/Make customized calls

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Features of ping client

  • Powerful Filter – Pingclient intelligently analyses the CSV or excel file and makes it easier with recipient selection via filters.
  • Accept keypress from users and perform custom actions based on the key

    Want to conduct a telephonic survey?

    Want to forward your client to call center?

    Want to provide additional information’s on request?

    Perform them in simple ways using Pingclient!
  • Cutomize Feedback
  • Use your own number – Let your customer know it’s a message/call from you. Pingclient enables you to set your own number as the caller id/message sender!
  • Detailed logs – Track every activity with very detailed logs and ability to export it as CSV
  • Real-time – View real-time status in the send SMS/make calls screen