Howdy! is a fun app to connect with random people around this world.

The app is easy to use – once installed the user connects to the Howdy! server. Hit the “Talk” button and they’re connected to a random person and have three minutes to make a connection and say whatever they’d like. By hitting the “Talk ‘n’ Solve” button, they’re connected with a random person and the pair have five minutes to solve the puzzle which can only be done with verbal co-operation and communication. Users also have an option of leaving a voice message for the rest of the Howdy users. Another Howdy user can retrieve this message by pressing the “Fetch” button, one message will be retrieved – like an electronic note in a bottle.

Howdy is a free app and is available at Google Play store. It is now available in web too. Go to

Press the Talk button to talk to a stranger.

Press the Talk n Solve button to play a game with a stranger.

Press the Drop/Fetch button to leave/hear a message.

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