Cloud Computing


Nethram team has a proven track record in accomplishing cloud computing services using Amazon AWS services. One of our major service includes EC2 configuration and Software development on EC2. Our expertise are also established in providing services using other AWS functions such as VPC, S3, RDS, Redshift, Cloudwatch, Autoscaling, Cloudfront, Elastic transcoding and SQS.


Cloud Platform provides the building blocks so you can quickly develop everything from simple websites to complex applications. Explore how you can make Cloud Platform work for you.

Google Cloud Platform makes it easy to build a massively scalable game, without having to worry about underlying infrastructure.

Build and host the backend for any mobile app. With an infrastructure that is managed automatically, you can focus on your app.

Experience the speed of the open-source Apache Hadoop on Google Compute Engine virtual machines. Increase job performance with per-minute billing and scale to thousands of cores to get the business insights you need fast.

Applications hosted on Cloud Platform can automatically scale up to handle the most demanding Internet-scale workloads and scale down when traffic subsides. You pay only for what you use.


Microsoft’s cloud platform: a growing collection of integrated services—compute, storage, data, networking and app—that help you move faster, do more and save money. But that is just scratching the surface.

Popular Solutions – Websites + Web Hosting -Deploy and scale modern websites and web apps in seconds

Virtual Machines – Launch Windows Server and Linux in minutes

SQL Database – Managed Relational SQL Database-as-a-Service

Machine Learning – Powerful cloud-based predictive analytics

Mobile Backends – Build and host the backend for any mobile app

RemoteApp – Deploy Windows client apps in the cloud, run on any device

Tools Used







Sample of our services
  • Rokurocket is a very popular channel in Roku. This channel used Amazon EC2 cluster with autoscaling upto 100 instances.
    Link : Rokurocket
  • Celebrity voices as – Implemented using Amazon EC2
  • Video sharing Did various enhancements and utilized Elastic transcoding, AMI, EC2, Route 53 and load sharing.
  • Flight training – Secured the videos using Amazon Cloudfront and signed URLs.
  • A note sharing app on apple app store – We are responsible for the entire back-end infrastructure and software. The back-end was developed using Amazon AWS, and is a fully scalable system. The back-end functionality is very similar to that of the popular whatsapp, including Apple IOS push.
  • A very large conferencing system for the Lefkowitz Leadership Initiative. The conferencing system supported over 10,000 calls. The conferencing system used upto 100 on-demand Amazon AWS instances. When a call is scheduled, instances are dynamically created and torn-down to support the anticipated call load.

Client Testimonials

“Incredibly fast and executed the job exactly as I expected. Will definitely work with him again.”

— ThinkTankGroup

“Paul was a joy to work with. great great responsiveness, communication and on-time delivery. super-highly recommend him!”

— gmanova

“I recommend Paul without hesitation. He grasped the issues quickly and laid out our options clearly. The work was executed on time without a hitch.”

— guykelada

“It was really fantastic to work with Paul. He really saved me and got a complex content protection issue figured out quickly. Will be going back to him for this kind of work!”

-Chris Palmer – Angle of Attack