About Us

Nethram LLC is a promising name in the field of Telecommunications and Cloud Computing. Based in Silicon Valley, the company has a proud legacy spanning of over 11 successful years of software development. Nethram was born in August 2004 as a brainchild of two professionals Paul Mathews and Helani Mathew. Specialized in Cloud Computing, Telephone Solutions and Interactive TV with VOD, the company believes in the clever use of telecommunications as an effective tool to reach out to a wide mass with powerful, efficient and clear messages across borders. In June 2013, Nethram spread out its branches to India, with the formation of Nethram India Innovation Center Pvt Limited.

Paul Mathews

An alumnus of Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai, Paul Mathews is a telecom engineer, developer and entrepreneur. Paul has about 20 years of experience in Telecom industry of US. He also has an MS in Telecom and an MBA from University of Colorado, Boulder, USA to his credit. He has a rich multi-country experience and has lead roles including Program Manager, Technical Architect and Director with Ericsson, the global leader in mobile communications. Paul keeps technology at his heart, and is recognized as a telecommunications leader and innovator. Paul is the CEO of Nethram L.L.C.

Helani Mathew

Passionate about technology and entrepreneurship, Helani Mathew is an expert in telecommunications. She has a B.Tech from National Institute of Technology, Calicut, India and MS in Telecom from University of Colorado, Boulder, USA and has an experience of over 10 years. Helani has worked with top brands like Search Logic and Gaming Labs, both based in Colorado.


We believe that highly effective software applications and bespoke development should not only be accessible to the big budget companies. Our mission is to provide the same solutions that the big boys use at an affordable price by listening to your needs and providing you with what you actually want.

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